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Benefits of Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Creating space during therapy to explore Depression and Anxiety

Make your mind the most beautiful thing about you."

We The Urban

The face of depression has changed over the years. Many of us don't experience symptoms such as fatigue, low mood, loss of interest, or loss of interest because some of us show up to work, to events, to friends and family gatherings because that's what we do. It is difficult for the people around us to notice that we are hurting, that we are suffering. We often decide to keep quiet because we feel embarrassed, ashamed, or simply don't want to put our business out for people to know. This creates a sense of loneliness and despair. You don’t have to keep living this way--it is possible to find joy again. With the help of therapy, you can get to the root of your depression symptoms and learn ways to cope.

Therapy is self-care and equality as important as your physical health. We have evolved into prioritizing some many things in our lives, such as using our PTO, skin care routines, exercise, embracing our natural hairs, all of these are part of our self care image now. You are making mental health a priority for you. Having a place where you can go and sit, let it all out, no judgement.

Anxiety can be paralyzing and leave you feeling like there's no way out. However, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone, I am here to help.

What can you expect from therapy?

You can expect a safe space, a space for you to be yourself and explore your deepest fears, and allow your dreams to be heard aloud. Working on your communications and relationships, how can you relate to people and your environment? Improve and increase self-esteem, so you can make better decisions for yourself. By providing you with a non-judgemental space for you to explore your problems and/or anything that's overwhelming to. Therapy can also help you improve something in your life. Improvement that can lead to changes that enhance and promote healthy behaviors and situations in your life.

It's important to help remove stigma by getting therapy by remembering that therapy does not need to fix you because you are not broken. Therapy is an extra tool that allows us to regain or acquire new skills and strengths to help you deal with old & new challenges.

What happens during therapy?

Your therapy session is considered an unpacking session exclusive for you and about you. During your session, we will discuss your topics since you lead the sessions where you are. You can speak openly and deliver your feelings because all of your sessions are confidential. Therapy allows for vulnerability and openness.

Therapy is also interactive as it is meant to be a conversation between two people and is a relationship that is an incremental process that happens overtime and grows with each session. First few sessions are about us building trust and your comfortable level- because it's all about you!

Using my training and experience, I’ll teach you new ways of coping that will help you get unstuck. Ready to start feeling like yourself again? Connect with me today to learn more about how I can help.

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